7 Points to Consider When Finalising Student Housing as a Freshman


Life as a university student can be challenging. It is the first time that many people will be away from their home for a long period of time. You are suddenly thrust out into the world, alone and left to fend for yourself. People who previously could rely on the warmth and security of family not get to have a taste of adult life.

That life can get all the tougher if you opt for private accommodation over university accommodation. University accommodation is specifically designed to ease students into adult life. It provides them with an opportunity to spread their wings and find themselves in a secure environment.

You don’t have to worry about water, heating, and bills in university accommodation. That is not the case in private housing. You suddenly have to deal and make decisions like an adult. Many students can’t cope and stumble in this process, particularly when signing on their first tenancy agreement.

Here are some 7 important tick points you should double-check before signing your rental agreement as a student. Never skip them or glance over your contract. Always go through it in detail. You can avoid this hassle if you opt for commercial student accommodation like Iglu.

1.     Nature of the Contract

You should always check what type of contract you are signing. This is more important if you applying for a room in a shared housing unit. You should check whether the contract is between you and the landlord, or if it involves other people in the building too. You should aim for a one-to-one contract since you will be protected more. Any actions by the rest of the housemates will not threaten your tenancy.

2.     Check the Fine Print

Never sign the final contract the day it is brought to you. You should always request a day or two to go through the final contract in detail. If you feel like something’s amiss, feel free to discuss it with the owner of the house.

You should also check relevant details like dates, amounts, terms and conditions before signing.

3.     Protection for your Deposit

The deposit is the amount of money you pay as security. It is there as a guarantee in case you don’t pay any month’s rent or damage the property in any way. This can be a considerable expense for most students. You should check that your deposit is legally and securely protected. Many landlords try to cheat their tenants and particularly students of this deposit. Ensure your landlord is playing by the book and you won’t risk losing a considerable amount of money.

4.     Guarantor

Always double check if you have gotten the details for your guarantor right. The guarantor is the person legally responsible to pay your rent in case you fail to do so. Most housing agreements will require a guarantor before you can be given control. Ensure that there is no discrepancy in the details otherwise your agreement might get cancelled in the future.

5.     Summer Conditions

Summer is usually the time when you decide to go back home or go for a vacation. Understandably, it does not make sense for you to pay the full rent amount for the summer period. You should strictly check that the conditions for summer areas agreed upon.

6.     Negotiate Rent One Last Time

As a student, you can afford to negotiate one last time on the rent. Do not be quick to sign the dotted line. By that time, the landlord will just want everything to be over with. They may agree to your request considering your status as a student. Nothing ventured nothing gained, right?

7.     Check Inventory

Be sure to check any inventory and furniture one last time. Ensure that your apartment has the inventory if any is listed in the contract. You don’t want to get surprised by charges for damages out of nowhere.

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