How to Monitor Staff and Workers Remotely with a Cell Phone Spy App?


Business is always risky but blindly trusting your employees for not breaching the privacy is not possible. You still need to be sure if they are working in their hours or just passing the time. Resources are meant to utilize for the work, employees can be cruel when it comes to leaking out the information. However, you need to save your resources as well as information by yourself. You can do many things and implement rules to make a straight point about company policy. Yet, you need to check on them for your good. You cannot afford any collateral damages while doing business. So, TheOneSpy is giving a deal to help you in watching over your employees. Monitor them and collect the data from their text messages and tap their calls too.

TheOneSpy is one of the amazing applications that keeps you aware of the happenings in your office under your management. It allows you to calculate your moves according to the motives of employees. You may be trusting too much and relying on them a lot and they might be just backstabbing you. In the end, only trustworthy person in business is you. For everyone else, you have to be extra careful with any information. TheOneSpy app is just an assistant for you to ensure the safety of your data.

What are the features that allow complete access to a cellphone?

You can easily justify the reason for sneaking into your employee’s phone. You cannot trust someone with the business secrets and you need to have a backup plan too. So, get your hands on the device and follow the given instructions. After that, you can use provided credentials to sign-in on the control panel and get remote access to the target device.

Following are the common features of an android spy application that can help you in many different ways.

1. Call logs

TheOneSpy app allows you to access the call logs and record the conversations. Once you enable this feature, you will always get the information on incoming or outgoings calls. Listen to both sides conversation and you can also record them for future reference.

2. Remote monitoring

Remote monitoring feature allows you to watch out the activities and be alert on something suspicious. Clear your suspicions by getting deeper into the matter anonymously.

3. Location tracker

Location tracker is for both, marking the safety of the resource of the office and also track the location of the target device in case of loss or theft.

4. Browser history

Managers like to keep the record of browsing history. This feature enables you to have a live record of browsing history and save them for later confirmation too.

5. Surround Recording

You can record the surround voices with this particular feature. This is about getting control over the microphone and listening to every voice in the surrounding. You can enable recording too.

6. Read Emails

With the key logger and screen recording, you can access to the emails. Read and know about every ongoing conversation.

7. Block SMS

If you see anything usual or damaging, you can simply block the SMS service from that specific number using this feature of the app.

8. Photographs

It grants you access to the digital media files of the phone. Saved photos, pictures captured by the camera or any other downloads are also saved to your remote control panel.

9. Block Apps

If you think, your employees are wasting time on some specific applications, just block them utilizing the block app feature.

10. Messages

You can read their text messages and record all the conversation either from the installed applications or otherwise.

11. Call Recordings

Record the calls and without any disruption in the conversation.

12. Contacts

Reach out to the contacts and get the details of each of them.


TheOneSpy app

is one of the technology wonders when it comes to spying apps. They are best because of the accuracy in their results. You get reports, recordings and user-friendly interface to control the target device without alarming them. Make the best use of it for monitoring over your employees so, you will never fall for false accusations of dirty politics of the office.

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