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Proper communication is extremely important in order to maintain a positive relationship with your spouse. Handy believes that it is essential to avoid miscommunication as it can seriously damage the relationship with your life partner. In fact, prolonged miscommunication and ego battles can also cause you to break up with your spouse which can create a lot of financial burdens and affect your children as well.

The Tips

Here are some tips that you can follow to improve communication with your spouse –

  1. Don’t just hear, listen – There is a difference between hearing someone talk and actually listening to them. Hearing is a passive action whereas listening is an active action. If you don’t listen to your spouse sincerely when speaking, they may become angry. It may also cause you to miss crucial information which can cause miscommunication or leave you with insufficient information to act on.

So, make it a habit to actively listen to them and not just hear their voice.

  1. Analyze their body language – People not only communicate with their words but also with voice and body language. Normally, we communicate with our body language subconsciously and have no control over it unless we are consciously aware of it. According to scientists, some humans are very adept at picking up cues from the body language of another person. They know when someone is lying or not telling the whole truth.

Unlike speaking, your body language tells the truth. So, it is important to pay attention to the body language of your spouse in order to know what they truly mean when they speak a sentence. They may say one thing out loud but feel completely opposite about it on the inside. If you are not able to tell the difference, you cannot communicate with them properly.

  1. Don’t judge – Whenever your spouse urges you to fulfill a request or complains about something, don’t judge them immediately. Judging their ideas or actions without giving it some thought can cause problems and ruin your relationship. Every single person on this planet has some flaws and nobody likes to be judged.

  1. Don’t insult or throw personal attacks– It is normal for you and your spouse to have different opinions about certain things. If things don’t go according to your plans, you may get angry. However, make sure not to insult them out of anger and frustration. This only makes the situation worse and make it difficult for you to communicate with them in the future. If you become angry beyond control, go out for a while to clear your mind and come back to discuss the issue at a later date.

  1. Don’t assume, ask – If you have any confusion regarding something which also involves your partner, it is wise to ask them about it. Assuming things can cause problems and misunderstandings between you and your partner. So, it is better to discuss things together instead of taking all the decisions yourself.

Final thoughts

According to Handy, it is a good idea to verbally express how much your partner means to you and demonstrate your love as often as you can. Also, be sure to respect each other as, without respect, a relationship will not last long.

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