How Artists Have Been Empowered by E-Commerce

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 In the past, artists relied primarily on galleries to sell their work. While this is still true of many artists, quite a few artists like Ashley Longshore are selling merchandise derived from their work themselves. Some artists even sell their work through their own websites or through online marketplaces. These days, online shopping platforms like Shopify make it very easy for artists to sell their work online, even they do not have the technical skills to create an e-commerce website. The rise of artwork-related merchandise has led to this merchandise being offered through these online shopping platforms. Read on to learn more about how artists have been empowered by e-commerce.

Many Artists are Selling Merchandise Online

In recent years, many artists have begun creating merchandise that is derived from their work. For example, they may design a t-shirt or a hoodie that has a print of one of their paintings. Many of these artistic merchandise items are apparel, though some artists sell mousepads, keychains, and other miscellaneous items. This merchandise allows artists to profit from another income stream besides sales of their paintings, sculptures, photographs, etc. This can help many struggling artists pay the bills, even when they are not selling many of their works. The many online shopping platforms that are available make it easy for an artist to add an e-commerce page to their existing website.

Online Shopping Platforms Make Selling Easy

Few artists have the technical skills required to create their e-commerce sites from scratch. Thankfully, e-commerce platforms make it easy for artists to create their own online galleries from scratch. Platforms like Shopify allow artists to create their stores, implement their branding, set prices, and even run promotions. These platforms usually charge a reasonable monthly subscription fee in return for their software.

E-Commerce Empowers Artists Who May Not Have Access to Traditional Galleries

One of the best things about these e-commerce platforms is that they can be especially helpful to artists who have little to no access to traditional galleries. For example, artists who did not go to traditional art schools often have trouble getting galleries to even look at their work, much less offer it for sale. The same is often true for artists from socially disadvantaged backgrounds. They may have trouble getting traditional galleries to consider their work, regardless of its artistic merit. These groups of artists can now sell their work themselves through their e-commerce sites.

Many Artists Offer Their Work Online & Through Traditional Galleries

Of course, artists do not have to choose between either e-commerce or traditional galleries. Many highly successful artists sell their work through both avenues. It is common for artists to sell their actual work through a traditional gallery, and to sell merchandise derived from their work through their websites. Not only does this provide the artist with another stream of income, but it also provides some protection against the financial losses that the artist may suffer if their gallery decides to end their business relationship. If this happens, the artist will still be able to sell their merchandise online to make some money while they look for a new gallery.

Selling Artwork Online Will Only Become More Popular

The popularity of selling artwork and related merchandise online has grown exponentially in recent years, and it is projected to continue to grow. Some experts on the art market are even forecasting an end to traditional galleries. While this seems unlikely to happen in the near future, it is certain that artists will continue to sell their work through their e-commerce platforms.

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