How To Deep Clean Your Car Like A Pro

Deep Clean Your Car

Is your car resembling a landfill more than a vehicle? Are you craving that professional car detailing but don’t want the high price tag? You’re in luck.

Learning how to clean your car isn’t as hard as you might think. Plus, the act can be therapeutic and comes with plenty of benefits. Keeping a clean interior can extend your car’s life and maintain its resale value.

Plus, it makes for a safer and more pleasant driving experience for you and your passengers. In this article, we’ll show you how to deep clean your car like a pro!

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Step One: Empty It

Interior car cleaning requires having access to the interior of your car. The first step in DIY car cleaning is to remove any trash pile-ups, toys, and car seats. You should also remove any car seats, floor mats, and tools you keep in the car.

Once you have everything out, you can begin the deep cleaning process.

Step Two: Vacuum and Wash It

Grab a handheld vacuum and start sucking up all the dirt and crumbs out of your car. Be sure to get down in-between the seats. For more powerful suction, you can use a shop vac.

You can also run the vacuum along with the dashboard and middle console. Avoid placing it near any screens, so you damage nothing.

After you vacuum the floor mats, you can always throw them in the washing machine to give them a good cleaning. It’s wise to have a stain remover like Shout to remove any grease or coffee spill stains on the carpets.

Step Three: Wipe It Down

Now that all the crumbs are gone, it’s time to wipe down any plastic, vinyl, or leather parts. Familiarize yourself with special car cleaners. A regular multipurpose cleaner may damage your vinyl or leather.

Use an ammonia-free glass cleaner to remove streaks from the windows. A Q-Tip or cotton ball is great for those hard-to-reach places like vents. As you wipe down the rest of the car, we recommend using a microfiber rag, leather sponge, or your hand.

Step Four: Keep the Smells Away

The last step in DIY car maintenance is to get rid of the remaining odors. Fast food bags, dirt, and grime can make your car smell like a trash can. When you clean your car, the fresh scent of soap and wipes should help, but it may not be enough.

Use a scent diffuser or other air fresheners to clear any lingering smells and keep them away. You can find one on this website. It will leave your car smelling fresh for weeks.

Now You Know How to Deep Clean Your Car Like a Pro

The cleanliness of your car may vary depending on your lifestyle, but it’s unwise to let dirt pile up. Set a schedule to clean your vehicle to help maintain its value and keep it safe for you and any passengers. Now that you know how to deep clean your car, you don’t have to worry about the car detailing price.

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