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What Are The Charms And Social Impact Of Steel Modular Buildings?

foldable houses

Steel modular buildings, also known as container mobile house, refers to a simple residence with windows and doors after transformation, mainly using containers as basic materials. People refit the container, open doors and windows, and decorate the interior, and then match it with furniture and electrical equipment such as beds and sofas to transform it into a container house.

 Advantages of steel modular building

 Mobility: removable and reusable;

 Quick setup: short manufacturing period and free foundation;

 Safety: steel structure, windproof, shockproof;

Durability: The outer wall of the steel plate is corrosion-resistant, acid-resistant, not rusted or cracked, and the service life is more than 20 years;

Sound insulation and heat insulation: air insulation design, good sound insulation and heat insulation;

Aesthetics: Various modeling designs can be made, the outer wall has many colors, and the appearance is bright and beautiful;

Low cost, low cost, high quality and low price;


Advantages of folded containers

The folded volume of the foldable container is only one-fifth of the general fixed container, which can greatly reduce the transportation cost and reduce the storage area and space. The operation of folding and installation is simple, labor-saving and time-saving, more economic benefits can be obtained, and the market competitiveness of the product is greatly improved.

The combination of the folded container house and the magnesium board increases the seismic performance of the container house, because the overall seismic resistance of the magnesium oxide board material is many times higher than that of other decorative materials. Moreover, the use of magnesium oxide board material can ensure that the walls and the ground will not be peeled and blistered. The magnesium board has good heat insulation and energy saving, and can make small container houses warm in winter and cool in summer.

Advantages of foldable houses

  1. Sturdy and durable, can be used repeatedly for a long time, with sufficient strength;
  2. Transshipment on the way can be directly replaced without moving the goods in the box;
  3. It is easy to transport, can be quickly loaded and unloaded, and can be easily changed from one means of transport to another;
  4. It is very convenient to fill and unload the goods;
  5. The volume is large and the goods are loaded;
  6. Standard specifications, can be stacked in ports and on ships, saving a lot of space.
  7. It is very personalized, you can paint it according to your own preferences, and you can do it very differently.

Scope of application: It is suitable for offices, conference rooms, command posts, dormitories, warehouses, shops, roofs and various temporary houses in the fields of construction, railways, highways, water conservancy, petroleum, commerce, tourism and military. Fixed building use, such as: integrated cafes, integrated apartments, integrated villas, integrated hotels, etc.

The social impacts of steel modular buildings

1. The emergence of steel modular buildings provides new options for the public

Steel modular buildings can meet various functional requirements of people’s daily life or business. The designed and transformed containers are almost no different from ordinary houses. People can live comfortably in container houses. In the case of my country’s high level and rising labor costs, container houses are undoubtedly a low-cost alternative.

2. steel modular buildings can ease residential tensions

With the progress of the times, steel modular buildings are becoming more and more common in people’s living, infrastructure construction, and life service industries. Compared with traditional houses, steel modular buildings are mobile, easy to build, and can be reused many times, which makes mobile houses, temporary houses and other housing types generally appear. In labor-intensive areas, the pressure on houses can be effectively relieved, and containers can be built according to the actual situation. Residential area. And container houses are very cost-effective when accommodating disaster-affected people or floating populations.

3. steel modular buildings become an urban landscape

In life, container cafes, hotels, home-stays, and shops appear more and more in our sight. They often show their own personality, and their fashionable and cool appearance can well attract the public’s attention. The designer will combine the surrounding landscape and architecture of the container house, and on the premise of meeting the functional requirements of the customer, let the container house and the nearby landscape buildings coexist harmoniously. Therefore, the steel modular building is like a kind of art, which is not obtrusive but eye-catching, and often becomes a local Internet celebrity photo spot.

What is the lifespan of a steel modular building?

The service life of the steel modular building mainly depends on the materials made. The containers of the following two materials can be used as a reference:

  1. Wall panels are mainly made of foam sandwich panels and other materials. If they are well cared for and maintained, they can generally be used for more than seven or eight years. If it is man-made to destroy it, it must be another matter, so we must not arbitrarily modify, dismantle and destroy its basic structure. Most of it is mainly used as a dormitory for construction workers.

2.The wall panels are mainly made of large corrugated iron sheet rock wool sandwich panels and other materials. If they are well cared for and maintained, they can basically be used for more than 15 years. Because of its characteristics of moisture-proof and anti-corrosion, strong sealing and so on, it takes a lot longer than the first use time. In addition, the use of steel modular buildings of this material is also more extensive. It is definitely the most common on construction sites.

In addition, it can also be seen from time to time in some roads, suburbs, cities and other places, and is used as a container hotel, container store, etc. But certainly in the case of unprofessional, do not arbitrarily modify and dismantle and destroy its basic structure.

Relatively speaking, the steel modular building is not a one-time product, but can be reused over and over again. Therefore, only when you take good care of it can you use it for a very long time.

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