Is it safe to get the man bob surgery?


Gynecomastia or man boobs is a condition where excess fat is accumulated on man’s chest. Usually men are envisioned and idolized with flat, smooth and muscular chest with well defined pectorals and chest line without any loose fat on their chest or any part of the body.

However, loose or hanging fat on men’s chest can give a feminine appearance of female breasts which could be quite embarrassing and subject of ridicule for most men.

Around 30 percent of the men suffer from this condition upto some extent and it’s quite embarrassing for them to lift off their shirt and expose their chest in public settings or in-front of partners and friends.

Men often feel embarrassed and ridiculed when they are bare chest in social settings like on the beach, in the locker room, while swimming, in bedroom with their better halves etc. This causes a low self esteem and overall negative body image about self.

This problem can occur in males during puberty when hormones are raging and uncontrolled and the body may end up producing more than required female hormone estrogen. Usually this gets normalized after some time during beginning of adolescence but sometimes the extra skin remains. Other factors may also be responsible and man boobs can occur during adult and old age years as well.

Some of the factors responsible for gynecomastia are as follows:-

  • Diseases and Medications:- Some medications may cause man boobs as a side effect like medicines administered for diseases like enlarged prostate, calcium channel blockers, medicines for heart burn, anxiety, fungal and bacterial infections, anti depressants and fertility problems. Similarly some diseases like hypothyroid, hyper tension, heart and kidney disease, liver cirrhosis are also known to cause gynecomastia.
  • Lifestyle and Drugs:- Man boobs can also occur due to smoking, obesity, stress, anxiety, alcohol consumption, anabolic steroids used for athletic performance and street drugs like heroine and marijuana.

It’s important to adopt a lifestyle of clean living, healthy diet and exercise to ward of diseases and conditions like gynecomastia and for optimal functioning of bodily hormones.

However, if you have man boobs then there is a solution. Medical technology has gone through immense changes and you can opt for minimally invasive surgery to get rid of man boobs forever and get the ideal chest as shown in pictures of men’s magazines.

A simple liposuction procedure will suck out body fat from your chest and you can walk around with a flat, muscular chest in a few hours.

Liposuction technique is quick, effective, causes no blood loss, nerve or tissue damage and you can go home the same day after a few hours of the operation.

Nowadays there are highly advanced and effective techniques which require a small incision in your chest and fat and glandular tissue is sucked out through a small pipe from your chest. This procedure is completely safe and causes no visible scarring but it’s best to seek a consultation with an experienced and well qualified surgeon regarding your man boob surgery cost.

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