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If using Accountable, your VAT return will be generated automatically, in due course, in the app. You simply click on “Send VAT return”. It comes to you by email, accompanied by an ultra-short video that explains how to submit your VAT return to Tax consultant, the state platform. The entire operation, from the click on your phone until your VAT return is registered in Tax consultant, takes, watch in hand, 3 minutes.

Want to try?

We have designed the app so that the start and the first VAT declaration in the app are obvious. However, if you have any questions, we’re available to help.

The intra-community statement will soon no longer be a mystery

Does the VAT exemption concern you? The intra-community statement may also concern you. Whether or not you are under the VAT exemption regime, you must submit the intra-community statement each year, by March 31, also via Tax consultant.

What is it about?

Quite simply, this statement contains the transactions that you carried out towards customers identified for VAT in the European Union, outside Belgium. For each customer, the statement indicates the amount of the transactions in question, their code, and the customer’s VAT number, as well as a possible correction for the previous period. The statement itself looks like this. You submit it quarterly or monthly, in the same way as you submit your VAT return. Here too you use Tax consultant to submit this statement. Use the self employment tax calculator in this case.

If you have not had customers subject to VAT in the rest of the European Union during the period concerned, you do not submit an intra-community statement.

Customer listing, alias annual list of subject customers

Have you opted for the VAT exemption regime?

  • This customer listing may also concern you.
  • As its name suggests, this list contains the VAT numbers of customers to whom you have supplied a good or service for an amount greater than € 250 the previous year.
  • ⏰You submit this list via Tax consultant by March 31 of the following year at the latest.

Ex: Before March 31, 2020, you submit the list of your customers with VAT number via Tax consultant. The list contains the total amount of your sales to these customers and the amount of VAT you charged them. If you are a franchisee, you should not submit a listing provided that a either your customers do not have a Belgian VAT number (b) or that your annual turnover for each customer identified for VAT is lower at 250 euros.

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