Things to Consider With COVID-19 Testing

COVID-19 Testing

COVID-19 testing is a reasonable step in the first place, if a person has any signs or symptoms of the disease or if there is a medical indication for testing. Even if you are without symptoms, you can still do a test, but only if you have been around people who have tested positive for COVID-19 or you are concerned that you may have come in contact with someone suspected to have COVID-19. In a situation where you haven’t come in contact or been around people with the virus, your COVID test result is only valid for the moment, and a negative result can create a false sense of security, when in fact, the infection may occur in the near future.

Are You Having Symptoms?

Referral for testing is issued if symptoms of the disease appear. This usually occurs 5-6 days after infection. In some cases, a person can be contagious as early as 1-2 days before the first symptoms appear. If you develop symptoms, stay home and call your family doctor or go get tested at Primex Labs.

Your Medical Doctor

Your family doctor could also assess the need for testing and recommend treatment. If testing is required, the family doctor will submit an electronic application to the laboratory and from there, they will call you to arrange the time and place of testing. Wait for the call! Testing is also conducted on weekends and public holidays.

Scheduling Process

All patients who receive a referral from a family doctor can also schedule their own coronavirus testing times according to their personal schedule, but the sooner, the better. When the referral enters the open testing system, a message will be sent to the telephone number indicated in it with a link to the electronic registry. The message is sent to people over the age of 18. The patient will have to enter the registry portal using an ID-card. This way you can quickly set up the testing time without waiting for a call from the testing center.

Voluntary Testing

The service is voluntary and optional. Those who do not want to use the electronic registration service or will not receive messages for technical reasons, just call the testing lab for confirmation that your referral was accepted. Make sure to take your ID with you and go to the agreed place at the agreed time! It is advisable to come for testing by yourself.

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