On Site & Off Site SEO factors


Search engine optimization is a valid part of most online marketing strategies. Being on top of search results can provide you with a larger number of potential customers and make your brand more recognizable. But before you choose the best agency or start to do a SEO campaign by yourself, there are some essential factors you need to consider, both on-site and off-site. Combining them brings the best results.

On-site SEO factors

On-site SEO focuses on optimizing a website to be higher in the search engine ranks. You can do it yourself or hire a professional agency like There are many factors that have influence on your website’s position:

  1. Page speed– if your website doesn’t load fast enough it’s its huge drawback, both for Google and your potential customers.
  2. Mobile friendliness– many internet users probably visit your website from their phones or tablets. That’s why it has to be adjusted to mobile devices, too. Readability is key.
  3. Title tags– if you didn’t fill out your title tags and meta descriptions, it’s high time to do it. They shouldn’t be too long and consist only of keywords. Think from the user’s perspective.
  4. Headings– remember about a proper structure of your website. Every title on a page should be in H1, and other subtitles in H2, H3, and so on.
  5. Page content– first thing you should do is to analyze your business and choose proper keywords reflecting your customer’s needs. When you have a ready-made list, you should use these phrases in the content of your page. But don’t overdo it, too. It shouldn’t be more than about 0,5% of the words.
  6. Internal linking– it’s as important as the off-site backlinks, because it’s a sign for Google robots which content is important on your website and thus should be indexed.

Off-site SEO factors

Off-site SEO actions focus on providing a domain with a higher authority by linking to it from other quality websites. Getting valuable backlinks can be supported by:

  • High quality content prone to be shared by others
  • Social media content shares
  • Cooperation with influencers
  • Guest blog posts on related topic sites that link to your website

You can also hire an SEO agency to take care of the backlinks for you. It’s not always easy to gain valuable ones for free. Sometimes you have to pay for them, e.g. in sponsored articles. You should also remember that it’s not quantity that matters but quality of the links. And how many backlinks should you have to get on the top of Google search results? It all depends on a particular phrase, its popularity and the optimization of your website.

Summing up

You won’t succeed omitting one of the SEO types. On-site SEO should always walk hand in hand with an off-site one. If you combine them, you’ll get the best and the fastest results. But it still won’t happen overnight. It’s a long, complex process that can take weeks and sometimes even months. So, be patient and don’t hesitate to start your SEO campaign right away.

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