Show Off: 7 Exciting Instagram Ideas

Instagram Ideas

If you manage an Instagram account, you’ll probably have experienced content creation burnout at some stage. Posting consistently is the key to social media success, but some days the inspiration doesn’t flow as freely as others.

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Sound familiar? Fear not, we’ve created a list of the most exciting Instagram trends to spark inspiration and get you back on track.

If you’re looking for new Instagram ideas to engage your followers and keep your feed fresh, keep reading.

1. Reverse the Process

As the image-based social media planner, it makes sense that for many Instagram users, the photo comes first. If you’re used to writing captions to complement your images, try switching it up.

Think about the key values of your brand and let them inspire the written content. Then, find an appropriate image to go with the message.

2. Set a Challenge

One smart way to guarantee days, weeks, or even months’ worth of content is to set or take part in an ongoing challenge. For example, for the creatives out there, Inktober is a month-long, global challenge, with thousands of participants using the #inktober hashtag to take part.

There are literally thousands of challenges happening each day. If you can’t find one that relates to your brand, create your own!

3. Throw It Back

Throwback Thursday, AKA #TBT has been in circulation since the dawn of social media, and the phenomenon even has its own Wikipedia page. If you need Instagram ideas for guys or girls and can dig out some old snaps, this is a great way to keep the content up.

If you represent a company and need Instagram account ideas consider sharing photos from the early days of the business. Original product prototypes or first office premises are great choices. Accompany this with a quote from the founder (with their permission of course!)

4. Ask the Audience

Instagram stories have a world of amazing participatory features that enable you to connect with your followers. Interactive tools like polls and quizzes are really fun and get a great reaction.

It also serves as a market research opportunity. You can learn more about your Instagram followers from their responses and reactions. You could even ask them what type of content they’d like to see more of in the future!

5. Photo Dump

For personal Instagram post ideas, one of the latest Instagram phenomena is the humble photo dump. Favored by celebrities and influencers, this is quite literally an upload of a mix of recent snaps in no particular order.

A photo dump is a refreshing break from the carefully curated feeds of many pro Instagrammers. It also serves to give insight into your recent activity and interests.

If you’re all about the aesthetic, you can make your photo dump more attractive and intentional by using a grid maker.

6. Bring in Guests

A great way to generate a load of fresh content with minimum inspiration is to bring in support. You can feature your team and coworkers to make the brand more personable and relatable to followers.

You could even bring in some external guests and run a collab or interview on ‘live’ – inviting your followers to ask questions.

7. Share Your Expertise

Educational content gets some of the highest views and engagement on social media. Whether your Instagram represents a personal brand or company profile, think about what value you offer to your followers. Your niche expertise can be made into instructional videos and how-to guides.

Instagram Ideas to Keep It Fresh

Try these 7 Instagram ideas to keep your content fresh and your followers engaged. With our expert hacks, your content creation fatigue will be a thing of the past.

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