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Top Universities

New York City conjures myriad thoughts in the minds of people. To some it is a city that never sleeps and to some it is the Big Apple. The Statue of Liberty, that has become the beacon of USA, is located in the New York Harbor. NYC is famous for its skyscrapers and patronage of arts and culture. The city thus represents the soul of USA and is truly the land of opportunity. A city of such richness is also home to some of the universities in New York City which are the finest in USA. One can be spoilt for choice, thus the list is limited to only a few key ones.

Top Universities in New York City:

As already mentioned, choosing the top from among the universities in New York City is an onerous task. Let us check out a few of them based on rankings of Wall Street Journal and US College Rankings 2019.

Columbia University

It has an unenviable legacy since its foundation in 1754. It is the oldest university in New York and the second oldest in the whole of USA. The main university campus is located in the heart of the city on Broadway, Manhattan. It has an impressive collection of colleges, which in their own right are institutions of repute; for example:

  • Bernard College for Women: It was established in 1891.
  • School of Journalism: The prestigious institute was founded by Joseph Pulitzer in 1912.

The university also boasts of 80 Nobel laureates among its faculty and alumni since the prize was instituted in 1901. It is presently ranked 16th in World University Rankings.

Cornell University:

It is an Ivy League University established in 1865 and has consistently been ranked highly in World Ranking which presently stands at 19th. The campus is spread over 2300 acres of picturesque landscape in the Finger Lakes region of New York. The campus is a world in itself offering a host of attractions as diverse as adventure and mouth-watering food. Among the other locations in New York worth mentioning is the Cornell – Graduate School of Medal Science in upper Manhattan.

New York University:

The epicenter of the university is Washington Square Park in the heart of Manhattan. Various departments are spread across the river in downtown Brooklyn. The university was founded in 1831 by Albert Gallatin, a statesman who believed in serving students from different walks of life.  It is also one of the largest private universities in USA serving about 40K students. It stands 29th in World Ranking of Universities. The university also boasts two overseas campuses in Abu Dhabi and Shanghai and affiliates operating in 25 countries. On the cultural front NYU has a tradition of celebrating the Strawberry Festival at the end of exams. Several illustrious alumni and faculty of the University are winners of Nobel and Pulitzer Prizes.

University of Rochester:

Little known to international students, Rochester University excels in varied disciplines covering mathematics, social sciences, medicine and music. Rochester University is unique as the approach is defined in “Rochester Curriculum” which essentially means that there is no rigid subject pattern and the students are required to opt for courses in humanities, social sciences and natural sciences. The university was established in 1850 in Rochester, New York. The university is spread across four campuses and home for over 11000 students. For the current year it stands 173rd in World University Rankings. Eight Nobel Laureates are the pride Rochester University.

Bottom Line:

New York City is one of the most visible cities in the world which is a conglomerate of many nationalities and cultures. It truly represents the soul of USA. No wonder, it is also the place that is home to some of the top universities in the USA and the world. Only a few universities have been discussed while there are many more which fall in the eminent category.

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