What exactly is Food Technology? Should you pursue a bachelor’s degree in food technology?

bachelor’s degree in food technology

Technology has revolutionised the way we live our daily lives right from the clothes we wear, the homes we stay in and the food we eat. Traditional sources of foods such as crops will soon be replaced by hybrid plants manufactured in laboratories. Mechanised trawlers have taken the place of fishing boats and farmers with access to genetically modified seeds do not have to store seeds from the previous harvest.

As the world population is growing, the demand for healthy food is multiplying by leaps and bounds. This has raised the call for technology to improve the production output and reduce the time taken in processing food. Food technology has stepped up the way the food industry caters to the global demand for food and nutritional products.

If you are committed to solving social problems like hunger and global malnutrition and have an aptitude for science and technology, you can explore a career in B. Tech food technology. Read on to find out what does this technology involve and if it is worth doing a B. Tech food technology.

What do you mean by food technology?

There has been a significant evolution of various processes involved in food production, thanks to advancements in science and technology. Food technology talks about all these technological advancements that help in increasing or improving various aspects of food production. It also involves the development of technology that makes the production process and the end products safer for human consumption.

Instances of food technology involve the development of tetra packs to increase the shelf life of perishables like milk, health supplements such as protein powders and health drinks, canned foods, genetically modified seeds and better structures of irrigation canals to prevent water wastage and avoid toxic spillage into the fields.

Why should you pursue a bachelor’s degree in food technology?

Even though food technology is relatively a newer discipline, it is a rapidly expanding field owing to rapid urbanisation, increase in awareness about hunger and malnutrition and lifestyle changes of people. Since it is a multi-disciplinary field, you have a wide range of sub-domains to choose for your career specialisation.

Here are the advantages of choosing a bachelor’s degree in this domain.

  • Several career opportunities: Food technology cuts across many domains such as chemistry, microbiology, nutrition, chemical technology and production engineering. As a result, you become eligible for career roles in these domains as well.
  • Commercialisation: With globalisation, customers are spoilt for choice and are demanding more. Hence many new companies are entering the food industry to cater to this demand. There is always a need for qualified food technologists today.
  • Job security: We humans need food to survive. Hence the food industry is one of the largest on the planet. Since, the demand for clean and healthy food is only increasing, that means you will never have a dearth of job opportunities in this domain.

Apart from these benefits, a course in food technology can provide you with an expertise in areas of food processing, safety, quality assurance, food business management and food production. This can help you bag financially rewarding career positions like food scientists, quality managers, nutritional technologists and food inspectors with governments or multi-million corporations such as McDonald’s.

A key requirement for starting a career in this industry is to understand the sensitivities surrounding social problems revolving food and a drive to find solutions for them. Pursue a bachelor’s course in food technology and do your own bit for global food problems.





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