What Is A Mobile Crane?

What Is A Mobile Crane

Do you want to know what is a mobile crane? Cranes are essential equipment that is commonly used in projects involving lifting and moving heavy objects. There are various types of cranes available in the market today, and each and one of them has its purpose. Mobile cranes are an example of this equipment, and it has different features from the other cranes.

Mobile cranes don’t function without the help of a crawler. This specific crane is controlled by a cable which is then attached to a rubbered-tire carrier to help it move around the work area.

Things to know What Is A Mobile Crane

Here is a list of things you need to know about mobile cranes and their advantages and disadvantages.

Parts and Functions

There are a lot of mechanisms involved in a mobile crane. All of them play a critical role in maximizing its function and capacity fully. These parts are essential because they help the machine and the operator gets the job done quickly and safely. Below are some of the components of a mobile crane.

Cabin or Operators Cabin

The operator’s cabin is the place where the controls of the mobile crane are located. Like driving a car, it also has a driving cab and treads to help the operator move the mobile crane. You will need proper training and knowledge before operating a mobile crane to avoid accidents and delays from happening.

You can ask a company that provides a mobile crane service about the functions of the different parts of a crane. You’ll get insights from them which will give you ideas on how cranes work.

Hydraulic System

If you wonder why cranes can support heavy objects in mid-air, you should read this one. All cranes have hydraulic systems in them that help them lift and carry things. The common term for this part is the hydraulic pump. This pump serves a great purpose to the system, and it’s one of the essential parts of the crane.

The Boom

The boom is one of the usual things you see in cranes. It’s the long metal arm of a crane that helps it to move or lift things around. Booms can help the operator to reach distant places that the cranes usually don’t reach. Some cranes even have jibs that help extend more the reach of the boom.

It’s not that hard to find a boom truck rental company. You just have to surf the web for information that might give you instructions to the nearest truck rental in your area. You can also call companies that offer this kind of service so that you won’t have to go to their office.


To prevent the crane from tipping, counterweights are being placed on the opposite side of the crane. This helps the crane to balance properly while hoisting loads. Stability is vital in this type of machine. Counterweights protect the machine from being damaged, and they can also prevent accidents from happening.


Outriggers are usually seen on the sides of a crane, and their purpose is to evenly distribute the weights of the loads being carried or lifted by a crane. There are various types of outriggers. Some can be controlled manually, while some use hydraulic outriggers. This part of the crane is crucial for the job because it keeps the machine stable all the time.

Rotex Gear

Rotex gear is located below the cab of a crane, and it is responsible for the rotation of the crane’s boom. It’s very useful for the person operating the crane because he can move from left to right without driving the crane forward and backward. Some cranes use hook rollers to make the job much safer and easier.

Advantages of Using a Mobile Crane

There are a lot of benefits when operating a mobile crane. Since there are different types of cranes, you will have to research what kind of cranes you should be using for your project. It will save you a lot of time and potentially save on labor cost if you choose the right one. Below are some of the advantages of using a mobile crane.


Urban places have more obstructions in their surroundings. You should seek the professional guidance of operators before selecting the best type of crane, whether mobile or fixed, for your future project. You don’t need to use tower cranes if your project isn’t that big. A smaller crane rental can go through narrow spaces without difficulty and save on costs.

The Cranes Mobility

Moving around is part of the job. That’s why you should use mobile cranes instead of other types of cranes because mobile cranes can move from place to place faster than other cranes. You should always consider that time is essential in jobs like this. Using mobile cranes for your projects will surely save you a lot of time.

The Disadvantage of Using a Mobile Crane

Even though these machines were created with high-quality materials, there is still a possibility that they would fail during an operation that might cause accidents around the work area. However, most licensed operators use a checklist to inspect the many intricate parts of the equipment prior to operations.


Safety is one of the things you need to prioritize when working around machines like cranes. There are some cases where workers were injured because of just a simple mechanical failure. Accidents can be prevented if the machine is checked from time to time. So far, this is only the issue you need to worry about when operating a mobile crane.


Mobile cranes are a big help, especially for those working on projects around urban areas. If you want to know more about mobile cranes, you can search the web for more information or ask professionals or experts to gain more knowledge about these machines.

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